Uruguay Innovation Hub present at the first edition of Agro en Punta

As part of the Agro en Punta Expo & Business event, Inés Bonicelli, Business Developer of the Uruguay Innovation Hub, presented the program in the agribusiness sector. The presentation, entitled "Open Innovation and Productive Development", highlighted the importance of collaboration between startups and companies to drive innovation in problem solving.

Bonicelli underlined the relevance of open and collaborative innovation, where joint work between startups and large companies is the key to finding innovative solutions. In this context, it was emphasized that business initiatives that promote innovation with startups have the potential to sophisticate and transform the productive matrices of countries.

During the presentation, emphasis was placed on the role and objectives of the Uruguay Innovation Hub program and its crucial role in fostering relationships between startups and large companies to promote co-creation and innovation. Among the initiatives promoted by the program, the following were highlighted: competitions, challenges, hackathons that will take place in the Campus to be inaugurated in the LATU Technology Park, which will also have coworking spaces available to the ecosystem, an acceleration program and other initiatives promoted by the UIH. Also highlighted was the work being done to attract more open innovation laboratories in addition to those recently installed, as well as the design of an instrument that will allow early stage financing for startups.

About Agro en Punta

Agro en Punta Expo & Business was positioned as an innovative platform for business integration in the agribusiness sector in Uruguay. This initiative, which sought to be a showcase to the world, aimed to promote the sector at national and international level, meeting the new trends in world markets and highlighting the productive differential of the country.

The main focus of the event was to present the active work that Uruguay is carrying out to promote sustainability through sustainable agricultural practices, renewable energies, certifications and the application of technology to enhance the country's insertion in international markets. With a 360° exhibition of production, Agro en Punta sought to consolidate Uruguay as an international business hub.

The first edition of Agro en Punta Expo & Business takes place between January 31 and February 3, 2024, at the Punta del Este Convention Center. This annual event features three days of regional forums, business roundtables, international exhibitions and the participation of more than 200 exhibitors, consolidating itself as a key space for the exchange and development of the agribusiness sector in Uruguay.

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