Uruguay Innovation Hub is a national program that seeks to propel Uruguay to the forefront of the knowledge economy.

Our commitment is to further consolidate the strong local innovation ecosystem. We achieve this through the implementation of new tools and the development of initiatives that foster collaboration and synergies among the players in the ecosystem.

We seek to strengthen and accelerate startups in high-growth sectors such as DeepTech, GreenTech and BioTech, as well as to position the country as a benchmark in the search for and resolution of global problems through innovation.

Call for applications

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    Acceleration program

    Space for the application of technology startup accelerators to be settled in Uruguay.

    Request for proposal

    Closing date: 05/12/2023

  • Company Builder Bio

    Space for the application of Company Builder bio to settle in Uruguay.

    Request for proposal

    Closing date: 27/02/2024



  • Acceleration Program

    Uruguay Innovation Hub promotes the installation in the country of a technology-based accelerator that offers financial support, mentoring, training and integrating them into a large network of regional and international contacts.

    The program seeks to empower these startups, accelerating their entry into international markets as a way to achieve success.

  • Co-investment Funds

    This tool positions Uruguay as a regional innovation center that offers attractive opportunities and favorable conditions for both startups and investment funds.

    For startups, it facilitates access to capital, resources and knowledge necessary for growth. In addition, these funds will promote their expansion and enable them to establish global connections.

    By encouraging the participation of international funds in co-investment schemes, it promotes the growth and diversification of local investment.

  • Bio Company Building

    Uruguay Innovation Hub supports the installation in the country of a biotech Company Builder that identifies ideas with entrepreneurial potential and, by providing a business vision, promotes the creation of new bio startups and their subsequent acceleration.

    This Company Builder will contribute by providing proven methodologies, a network of mentors, international connections and the possibility of investment in the early stages of entrepreneurship.


  • Innovation Campus

    With the aim of strengthening the national entrepreneurial ecosystem, the Uruguay Innovation Hub promotes the creation of a physical space that promotes synergy between key players in the program.

    For this reason, there will be an innovation campus within the LATU Technology Park that will house open laboratories, companies, investment funds and coworking spaces for startups.

  • Open Labs

    Uruguay Innovation Hub seeks to promote the installation of open innovation and prototyping laboratories in the country.

    These spaces allow them to develop and validate their ideas, using cutting-edge technological tools and resources, and enable startups to generate prototypes and test them before expanding their products or services, which allows them to reduce risks, improve quality and increase competitiveness.

  • Regulatory Framework

    Through the Uruguay Innovation Hub program, work is being done to create innovation-friendly environments from the regulatory point of view.

    This involves facilitating registration, authorization, oversight and control processes for innovative initiatives, as well as promoting flexibility, experimentation and learning.

  • Support to the innovation ecosystem

    The program promotes various instances that promote the development and consolidation of the national innovation ecosystem with the aim of empowering local, regional and international entrepreneurs.

    In this line, events, talks, forums, exhibitions and other projects are organized and accompanied to generate spaces for interaction and learning among entrepreneurs, investors, experts and other key players.

Uruguay Innovation Hub is an inter-institutional led initiative between:

Team & Governance

  • Elisa Facio

    Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Minería (MIEM)

  • Marcela Bensión

    Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas (MEF)

  • Pablo Iturralde

    Ministerio de Educación y Cultura (MEC)

  • Cecilia Durán

    Oficina de Planeamiento y Presupuesto (OPP)

  • Sabrina Sauksteliskis

    Executive Director - Uruguay Innovation Hub

  • Ximena Camaño

    Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación

  • Mission

    The Uruguay Innovation Hub program works to promote the economic, technological and innovative development of the country. For this reason, it implements various initiatives that leverage the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, attract talent and investment, and promote regulatory adjustments that foster local innovation.

  • Vision

    Turn Uruguay into a regional and global benchmark in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, consolidating an ecosystem of sustainable and disruptive development.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Uruguay Innovation Hub?

    The Uruguay Innovation Hub is a national program that aims to position the country as an innovation hub through the implementation of various tools and the development of initiatives that promote and strengthen the Uruguayan innovative ecosystem.

    The program seeks to foster agreements between the public and private sectors to develop investment opportunities, innovation, and accelerate ventures and projects in key strategic sectors: biotechnology, green technologies, and deep technologies.

  • Why invest in Uruguay?

    Due to a favorable investment environment and the good macroeconomic performance of the country in recent years, Uruguay has positioned itself as a desirable and attractive destination for foreign investors. The country has strong political and social stability, backed by a consolidated democracy and great legal security.

    More information.

  • What are the supports provided by the Uruguay Innovation Hub?

    The Uruguay Innovation Hub program promotes the following tools to support the innovative ecosystem:

    • Development of an acceleration program for technology-based ventures, providing methodology and capital for the "post-seed" stage.
    • Development of a company building program for biotechnology ventures, offering methodology and capital for the "post-seed" stage.
    • Attraction of regional investors and venture capital funds to support investment in startups.
    • Promotion of the establishment of open laboratories where entrepreneurs can prototype and accelerate commercialization processes.
  • How to apply to access the acceleration program?

    Through the Uruguay Innovation Hub's official website and other channels, open and transparent calls for applications to the acceleration programs will be conducted. Each call will outline the requirements for applying.

  • How do startups access venture capital funds?

    Each of the funds will specify the application requirements and their selection processes.

  • What open laboratories are available within the framework of Uruguay Innovation? Hub?

    Uruguay is working on the establishment of various innovation laboratories. Currently, the country already has:

    • AI & IoT Insider Microsoft Lab: Provides AI and IoT solutions to visualize, transform, innovate, and address challenges for businesses and startups.
    • Newlab Uruguay: Focuses on open innovation and the application of transformative technology to solve diverse challenges.
    • Open Digital Lab: Focuses on the validation and adoption of 5G technologies and applications through testing in a controlled environment that simulates real-world scenarios.

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